Psychology Treatment

Our approach:

Psychologists within our clinic provide care in a warm and friendly space. We focus on providing care that is:

  • non-judgemental
  • well prepared
  • informed
  • culturally sensitive
  • and inclusive to all.

The mental health team at Integrated Minds Clinic aim to improve mental health outcomes by fostering productive and professional relationships with the person.

Duty of care is important to us, and on that we are committed to providing care that is recovery focused and responsive. Our mental healthcare team provides comprehensive and thoughtful care to ensure that the person is cared for with respect and dignity. Integrated Minds Clinic is dedicated to offering collaborative care and work tightly with a network of other medical and health professionals to ensure the best quality care covering all aspects of the person’s health.

Our caring psychology team offer support in these areas:

If you are wanting to discuss your symptoms, condition or care in more detail please reach out to us, we are here to support you.