We understand that every family faces difficult times in life.

It is important to know that you don’t have to face them alone.

Let’s work together.

Our Sunshine Coast Psychology Team are a group of empathetic and passionate Psychologists. Our team offer an integrative and collaborative approach to Psychology services.

Family therapy can be as a couple, with a child or just for yourself covering how you interact and communicate personally with your family.

When you are close to someone or a situation it can be hard to have clarity.

Families come to see us for an array of reasons such as:

  • Parents need help to work through conflict they have with their children
  • The parents are experiencing conflict, separation or divorce
  • Support during times of conflict
  • They need support to strengthen their communication
  • School problems that need support
  • A child has behavioural problems that are affecting the family dynamics
  • When there is a major change, trauma or transition in the families life such as a death, moving houses, bankruptcy.
  • A member of the family is experiencing mental health illness which is impacting the whole family
  • The family would like strategies to help them strengthen their relationships and build deeper connections
Who needs to attend?

We don’t need to have all members of the family present, it could be just one parent or both parents or the whole family including the kids. It depends on the age of the children and the circumstances.

Call our team to discuss booking a session 5458 4800